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Doctor Operating CT Scanner


Exceed Sports as part of the LivingCare Group are one of the nations leading sports imaging providers. Our latest technology in MRI scanning and Ultrasound enables us to support athletes and clubs in diagnosing injuries through outstanding images.

Our world leading team of radiologists report scans for professional sports within 24 hours, ensuring you have all the knowledge of injuries at your fingertips quickly.


We currently host a 3T Siemens Scanner at our site in Leeds, and a leading 1.5T Canon Scanner at our site in Sheffield. Both scanners are wide bore allowing for us to meet the needs of sports players and those who are claustrophobic.


Our team will meet you and talk you through the process of an MRI. They will then place you on our scanners and talk you through the scan.

Our world leading team of radiologists will report scans, usually within 24 hours. These will be sent directly to the club physiotherapist for process.




We have a Canon Ultrasound machine which enables us to provide scans of joints, and provide image guided injections into joints.

Our team of radiologists will welcome you into our clinic and discuss the process of the scan and if its identified for you to have joint injections will discuss the impact of the injection.

Our team may identify a follow up appointment to ensure that the injection is working as required or to monitor progress on the joint.


We have an X-Ray to enable us to undertake weight bearing scans, or to identify breaks in bones. 


Our team will welcome you into the department and discuss the X-Ray process. They will share images with the club physiotherapist and will have a report within 24 hours.


We currently do not have a CT scanner on site, however we have the ability to organise CT scans and reports at local hospitals.


We are able to process payment and will ensure the appointment happens as if your player was attending LivingCare.

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