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Our model has been developed to protect athletes and the medical teams. Exceed Sports brings clubs a new level of safety.

  • Doctors have a wider network for peer review, clinical review and will undertake supervision within Sports and will have a full set of practice that would be at the same level as any clinical setting.

  • Removal of lone practitioner practice – the group set up allows policies, procedures, and protocols to be developed across clubs with a view of continuous improvement and development in line with best practice.

  • New technology and application is brought into the sport with safeguards and relevant protections. Working with our partners to ensure clinically relevant tools are provided with appropriate training. 

  • Doctors have a full set of CPD requirements set across the season, ensuring they have a full working practice in line with national governing bodies requirements.

  • Physiotherapists have the peer review, clinical review and appraisals that are reviewed across their peers, along with development plans, governance requirements and CPD.

  • Head of Medical can check and challenge practice that enables marginal gains to be placed on the field of play.

  • Protection through Sempris insurance for all the staff – this is sat with Exceed Sports

  • Group Limited away from the doctor and the club.

Our model is developed with a full clinical service provision in place which includes having our Chief Medical Officer and Advisory Board to ensure independent review away from the club to help support the doctors and drive improvements in medical delivery in sport.

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