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Through LivingCare we have been delivering medical services to sports clubs for many years.  Through this experience we have gained extensive knowledge of what clubs require from their medical teams. We have also been able to recruit a group of doctors with knowledge, experience and ability to meet the demands of sports clubs.


Exceed Sports delivers our Sports Club Doctor programme.  This programme enables your club to find the right doctor to support your Head of Medical and their department in delivering health and wellbeing advice to your players and staff.


Exceed Sports have brought together a series of core packages to support Clubs – providing good value medical care for players and staff. 

We work with clubs to develop a custom package based on their medical needs and budget. This can include:

  • Match day doctor cover – home and away

  • Academy doctor cover

  • Midweek GP cover either virtually or face to face including adhoc appointments

  • Testing regimes

  • Nominated CMO (for governing body point of contact, general clinical supervision and training of service provision)

  • Pre-Season Bloods and Performance Measurements

  • Cardiac Screening

  • Concussion Baseline development and ongoing monitoring

  • Independent Doctor cover; tunnel doctor or concussion doctor

  • CPD development for doctors and physios


  • Concussion Service
    Exceed Sport are working with pitchside technology and Consultant Neurologists to develop a concussion service. With concussion becoming the focus of player welfare and our concern amongst medical practitioners, our service uses pitchside technology and baseline data to assess head injuries during training and matchplay. This technology allows us to measure the impact on the player, with the Team Doctor able to make an informed decision on whether to the player can continue or be removed from the field of play for further assessment. This pathway can also be adapted to be used by Tunnel Doctors and for further independent opinions. The pathway consists of assessment, MRI, and Consultant Neurologist intervention where required.
  • Tunnel Doctor
    More sports are requiring an additional doctor for concussion assessment. Our team of doctors are able to fulfil this role in conjunction with our Concussion Service including our pitchside technology. Providing the compliance with National Governing Body requirements or satisfying concussion guidelines and protocols.
  • Women Specific Sports Health
    Exceed Sports use the latest technology and hormonal analysis to meet the specific requirements of female teams. We recognise the difference that the gender makes in concussion assessment, injury prevention and in strength and conditioning. We have specific services aimed at optimising performance from female athletes.
  • Health and Sports Technology
    Exceed Sports utilise new technologies coming through accelerator programmes across the country. This technology will aid sport and healthcare delivery for pitchside assessment or medical monitoring. We will bring the latest technology together with clinical results to clubs as part of our commitment to driving the quality of medical care. You can view all our latest offerings here.
  • Other Services
    Exceed Sports through the LivingCare Group can provide clubs with a range of outpatient and diagnostic provision: Ophthalmology ENT Dermatology MRI Scans Ultrasound Cardiology Pre-Season Medicals Orthopaedics CT Scans Blood Testing
Sports training


Added Value

As part of our commitment, we will ensure:

  • All appropriate checks and human resource requirements are covered

  • All qualifications are checked and validated - ensuring:

    • All insurance is in place

    • CPD events and training structure to keep the medical staff up to date on latest guidance

  • Provide clubs with access to MedTech and SportTech through our partner accelerator programmes

  • All administration is covered for the medical team

  • Invoicing and Payroll management

Further Information

We would expect clubs to provide the medical environment and appropriate equipment for the doctors to be able to undertake their duties.


The agreement is for the whole season and will include initially monthly reviews.


Virtual Services are provided through either Zoom, Accurex or FaceTime – this will be booked online by the Head of Medical and their department by using our booking tool. If a face-to-face is required, we will ensure there is adaquate offsite GP provision.


We can provide medical bags and supplies if required at extra cost.


If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact our team who will meet with you to discuss your needs and how we can help. Alternatively you can contact us by clicking here

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